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Finally Revealed: A No-Fail Step-By-Step System To Kick Sugar, Double Your Energy And Make Cravings Disappear So That You Can Finally Be Set Free (And Wear Your Skinny Clothes Again!….)

Attention all sugar addicts, binge eaters and food junkies who are ready to slam on the brakes and stop the madness so that they can be their absolute physical and emotional best!

Best Kept Secrets Finally Revealed: How To Crack The Code On Sugar Cravings And Regain Control In 4 Simple Steps…That Even Your Doctor Doesn’t Know!

From: Angela Minelli, Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach
Cleveland, OH
Friday, August 13, 2010 6pm

Dear Sugar Fiend, Friend, and Fellow Fanatic,

I’ve got a few quick questions to ask ya:

Are you stuck in a vicious cycle with sugar – spiking then crashing - thinking you’ll never fix the problem so it’s not worth trying?
Do you tend to eat sugar sporadically, sometimes letting cookies go stale but then swinging the total opposite direction and downing an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s or overdosing on chocolate?
Do you reason that once you eat sugar, you might as well “do it big,” rationalizing that you screwed up anyways so why stop now?
Are you so hooked on sugar that you’ll even change your entire schedule around in order to fit it in every day?
Once you have it, do you crave it for weeks and weeks after and feel like your whole life is spinning out of control?
Are you often left with feelings of depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem because you can’t seem to make the craving go away on your own?

If feeling out of control around sugar and yo-yo dieting are all too familiar, then you know firsthand how torturous it is to feel stuck and trapped in a vicious cycle

I know that feeling myself. I’m a child of the 70’s, back when soda pop and Pop Rocks were all the rage. Every day I lived to get my sugary fix and found nothing more exciting than when the ice cream man would ride down my street on a summer day to dole out all his frozen sugary concoctions.

Fast forward to my teenage years when I was first diagnosed with hypoglycemia at the age of 17. After years of sugary highs and lows, my blood sugar was nothing but 1 big mess but I had no idea what to do about it.

The only thing my doctor told me was that I was a good candidate for diabetes one day which terrified me to think that my life’s destiny was to die a premature death from heart disease or stroke.

Regardless, I forged ahead and went about my business, one day bingeing on sugar and the next banishing it entirely, rationalizing in my mind that it was ok, intermittently experiencing moments of complete insanity and never knowing all the while how easy it was to get the situation under control or even more importantly, understanding how badly I needed to figure out what I had to do to get off it to save my own life.

My cravings for sugar only ended up getting worse over the years. It became the staple of my daily diet, and it showed. My face would break out with disfiguring, cystic acne. My mood swings went back and forth faster than a pendulum, and my energy was so low there were days I could barely get out of bed.

On top of all that, I would get antsy and jittery when I ate too much, and then go to extremes to deny myself the delicious little deity when the guilt and shame over my lack of self-control set in. I felt like a complete failure.

But then one day I stopped and asked myself,

Why is sugar so freakin’ hard to drop and let go of for good?

And then I came to a startling realization…IT’S NOT.

Here’s what I discovered. First of all, it’s no mistake that sugar is dominating the food supply. It’s a seductive, sadistic drug that is sprinkled throughout every square inch of processed and packaged foods on purpose.

Believe me, food manufacturers know what they’re doing and have been secretly filling grocery store shelves with highly refined sugary foods for over 30 years because they know sugar is addictive!

Sugar is actually classified as a drug because once you eat it, you crave more, and suddenly quitting causes withdrawal symptoms including headaches, mood swings, low energy, and – believe it or not – more cravings! Some experts even claim it’s as addictive as heroin or cocaine.

Like heroin, cocaine and caffeine, sugar is an addictive, destructive drug, yet weconsume it daily in everything from cigarettes to bread.

William Dufty
Author of Sugar Blues

But that’s not all!

I discovered that there are critical, underlying factors that drive sugar cravings that must be uprooted and reversed in order to kick sugar cravings, but until you do, they will drive you mad and keep you coming back for more over and over again.

You see, your cravings are actually important messages from your body that there is an imbalance somewhere, but we tend to view them as out-of-control, demonic urges that must be battled and fought against. But the truth is…

Cravings are not the enemy. They are simply messages from your body alerting you to a critical imbalance

Your body is always seeking balance, in every given moment of every given day, and whether it’s craving satisfying relationships, exercise, inspiring work, or food, it will crave and crave and crave until it gets there.

The key to unlocking sugar cravings is to have a simple system that shows you exactly what your craving wants and why.


Quickly after arriving at these discoveries, I wizened up and said no more and figured out the exact steps I needed to take in order to crack the code on sugar cravings. Now I’ve kicked sugar for good, doubled my energy and lost 2 dress sizes…And you can, too!

Imagine if:

You were finally able to call a cease fire with sugar and banish your cravings for good
Kicking sugar didn’t require self-torture or stand offs with food
You craved contentment from non-food sources of nourishment instead of sugar
You lived life without recurring depression or anxiety
Your energy soared and you could get through the day without the 3pm slump
Healthy food didn’t taste bland or boring
You finally lost those last nagging 10-20 pounds
Healthy food didn’t taste bland or boring
You were no longer under sugar’s spell and were set free to pursue the life of your dreams

“I was able to lose the cravings and regain control in just a few weeks.”

I had sugar cravings for a long time and I knew they had an effect on my health but I wasn’t sure what to do. After following Angela’s program, I was able to lose the cravings and regain control in just a few weeks. Working with Angela has really helped me get clear on issues that I need to focus on in order to maximize my health and keep moving forward.

I realize now that my physical health is the foundation for everything – healthy relationships, career, and overall good quality of life – feel confident that I know what to do to stay focused.

I appreciate your help Angela!

Michele McCoy
Dallas, TX

“I have much better control over my cravings!”

The year 2009 would bring my 67th birthday in late September. Needless to say I was aware of my need to take good care of myself if I wanted these years to be golden!

One area of my health I had neglected to address was my cravings for sweets. I wanted to learn about what I was eating and how it was affecting me.

Since working with Angela, new habits have become routine. I have better control over my cravings and smaller portions satisfy me. I feel good about what I eat and feel no guilt.

It has been really nice working with Angela; she teaches in a clear and easy to understand manner and I enjoy her personality and dedication to sharing her knowledge in this journey to healthy eating.

Margaret Hvizda
Rocky River, OH

There are so many reasons sugar makes you fat, old, and tired that I can barely list them here, but let me try:

Sugar causes inflammation, 1 of the 5 root causes of illness
Sugar has been linked to cancer
Excessive sugar consumption leads to hypoglycemia and diabetes
Sugar zaps collagen from your skin which causes wrinkles
Sugar causes premature aging
Sugar suppresses immune system function
Sugar weakens eyesight
Sugar feeds Candida
Sugar can lead to alcoholism
Sugar makes you fat
A consistent diet of highly refined sugars and carbs taxes the pancreas
Sugar affects mood

Need I go on? And that’s not even half of the side effects commonly reported as a result of eating sugar.

Ee gads!

Don’t worry. You can make a CHOICE that this will not be your fate.

Fasten your seat belt because you’re about to learn my best-kept secrets to blowing the lid off sugar cravings!

WARNING: This isn’t for the faint of heart.

Introducing The Simple Kick-Sugar System That Will Change Your Life

Crack the Code on Sugar Cravings: 4 Simple Strategies to Slim Down, Shape Up and Regain Control in Less Than 30 Days!

Ta da! I’ve compiled my best insider kick-sugar secrets into a simple 4-part system that is a no-fail knock out…

So you may be wondering exactly how I’m gonna get you off the white stuff and back on track so that you:

Lose belly bloat
Bust brain fog
Get boundless energy
Balance moods
Have clearer skin
Manage stress better
Be a dynamo in the bedroom! (raar ;)
And have more self-control over sugar?

“I was relying on sugar to get me through the day!”

When I signed up for Angela’s program, I was relying on sugar to get me through the day. Being lactose intolerant, I couldn’t have chocolate bars or ice cream so I had to find other sugary substitutes to satisfy my cravings but no matter what I ate, once I did, it took more and more to be satisfied and I couldn’t stop!

I found Angela through my yoga center and immediately identified with her. I heard how stressful her life had been but that she was able to get it back into balance and I wanted that for my life too.

When she talked about busting sugar, my ears rang with delight! It seemed radical, but I figured it just might work. I knew I was addicted and with both parents diabetic, I realized that would be my fate as well if I didn’t get serious about it.

Angela provided so much support and information that I needed to understand this program and how my body works. The hardest part was just getting started and taking the plunge because I could find excuses all day long! I discovered that kicking sugar really has nothing to do with will power but it does require being open to new experiences. It’s well worth it to have an open mind and be willing to change though. I had tried the South Beach Diet, the Zone, Eat Right For Your Type and many other diets along the way, but any weight I lost I ultimately gained back in the end so it was time for a new approach.

I’m happy to report that after finishing Crack the Code on Sugar Cravings, I am now 10 pounds lighter without starving myself, counting calories or craving sugar! And I don’t feel deprived either!This is a totally different lifestyle for me. In the past, I would eat at least 2 candy bars a day and have dessert on top of that so just cutting out the junk alone, with very little exercise, has helped the pounds melt away. I am impressed and relieved that it was so easy with this program too!

I can tell you that I learned so much every week. I had to put the information into practice and break the bad habits that I had developed, but Angela listened to my questions and helped me work through it. She was compassionate, supportive and so very knowledgeable which was extremely beneficial. I look forward now to pursuing a life without sugar polluting my body. My intention is to become as healthy as possible and make wise choices every day in order to respect my body and become the best that I can be.

Thanks Angela for directing me to make this U-turn in my life! I hope others can join us on this delightful journey.

Sheryl Williamson
Middleburg Hts, OH

Here’s what you’ll discover in this life-changing training:

It all starts with Audio #1:

How to Stop Sugar Cravings

Dead in Their Tracks

The 5 secret reasons you crave sugar that no one tells you and keeps you addicted!
My BEST real-life, practical strategies to end sugar cravings that you can implement ASAP! Sugar’s definitely met its match.
The #1 way to get control of sugar cravings FAST. If sugar’s your hot spot, it doesn’t stand a chance!

Audio #2:

Regain Control? Yes, You Can!

Let Me Show You How…

Key components to balancing blood sugar. This strategy alone is worth the whole investment in this tele-training!
What’s a balanced meal anyways? Find out with my sassy practical Portion Plate! It takes all the guesswork out of deciding what to eat!
My top 10 surefire ways to control sugar cravings!

Audio #3:

Slim Down Secrets That WORK,
No Matter How Many Diets You’ve Tried!

The best diet undigested is garbage
Pre-planning pointers that pop
The tools to tipping the scales

Audio #4:

Shape Up Or Ship Out!

How punishing exercise actually makes weight loss harder
What really works and why
The #1 missing component to successful, long-lastingweight

loss plans.

Plus, upon enrollment, you’ll get instant access to all call recordings, course materials and bonuses – just like I was there with ya in person!

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re all alone amongst a sea of family and friends who garbage up on sugar like nobody’s business, so I’ve designed this program to include a 1-stop shopping spot for you to check in and get ongoing emotional and motivational support.

And that’s just the beginning!

Check out the “sweet” BONUSES I added!

***Bonus #1 – The Best Kept Secret To Kicking Sugar For Good***

“How To Stay On The Wagon And Not Fall Off!” ($150 value!)

Yes, that’s right! You get a bonus 5th call, “How To Stay on the Wagon and Not Fall Off!” to save you from any tempting treats trying to trick you out of your newfound freedom.

Sneaky sugar! Game ON!

***Bonus #2 – Raw Chocolate Recipe Book And Resource Guide!***

Huh? I thought we were getting rid of sweets? Well the good news is you get to have your chocolate and eat it too! You’re gonna love my “uncookbook” loaded with raw foods recipes and tips on how to make the best tasting chocolate on the planet! Who knew chocolate could be so good – or healthy?
($47 value)

***Bonus #3 – A 2nd Bonus Coaching Call***

(The bonuses just don’t stop, right?)

A 2nd bonus coaching call, “Help! I Might Fall Off The Wagon! What Do I Do?” (another $150 value!) is just what you might need for extra support to keep you motivated and encouraged in moments of despair. I’m here for ya! And I want you to feel the love – during the program, and always.

Now, I’m guessing you’re dying to know by now what the investment is for such an action-packed, powerhouse, kick-ass, life-changing series like this is.

Good question.

First, I want you to realize that this program is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. I’ve compiled the best of the best, no-run-of-the-mill, earth-shattering techniques that I could find to bring you the most transformational 30 days of your life. Without getting all gangsta on you, it’s a 1-2 punch baby!

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before and you’re pretty sick of it by now. Hyped-up promises, failed formulas and no results. And I hear you. But let me tell you I mean it when I say it’s worked for me so it can work for you too. I don’t buy into all that cheesy used car salesman crap myself, so rest assured I ain’t BS’in ya.

It’s my commitment to you that this time is the real deal – no holds barred.

This program is for you if:

You want to be able to look at cake and not care about it
You’d like to eat more nutritious food more often and happily say no to sugar
You’ve ever felt that sugar hits your system like a ton of bricks and drains all your energy and you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired
You want to be so in tune with your body that you’re only eating what it truly craves (Hint: it’s not Snickers
or Peanut M&M’s)
You want to speed up your metabolism, stop the sugar cravings and drop the weight once and for all!

This program is NOT for you if:

You are resistant to innovative, cutting-edge theories and approaches
You lack commitment and a sense of new possibility
You would rather stay stuck in an endless cycle of bingeing and purging
You would rather not overcome your sugar cravings and feelings of worthlessness, shame, and guilt
You are looking for a quick fix or gimmick

Just to recap, here’s everything you’re gonna get in my 4-part teleseminar series, Crack the Code on Sugar Cravings: 4 Simple Strategies to Slim Down, Shape Up and Regain Control in Less Than 30 Days!:

4 expert coaching calls from moi – yee haw!
Mp3 recordings of each coaching session
A variety of handouts, resources, and other related course materials to make implementing what you learn fast, fun and easy!

Plus, you’ll also get these sweep-you-off-your-feet, can-hardly-believe-my-eyes, Grade A bonuses:

5th Bonus Coaching Call, “How to Stay On the Wagon and Not Fall Off!”
Raw Chocolate Recipe Book and Resource Guide
6th Bonus Coaching Call, “Help! I Might Fall Off The Wagon! What Do I Do?”

I’ve created a way for you to make sugar addiction a thing of the past in just 4 weeks, but when it came time for me to make a decision about the investment for this program, I had to think long and hard. I considered the value of everything included, how much people normally pay for programs like these (in the thousands!) and – more importantly – the RESULTS that you will get when you implement all 4 steps.

And the amount that came to me was $497. But then that seemed too high because I really want to make this an absolute no-brainer for you!

I want you to be able to experience the same life-changing freedom that I have and not let anything, especially money, stand in your way. I mean the reality is, it’s priceless to have that kind of freedom, but when it was all said and done, and I dug down deep in my soul to make sure that I was being fair at pricing this system out, I arrived at an investment that felt right to me. (And not just for the program itself, but combined with all the bonuses to boot.)

That investment
is only $297.
**But for a SPECIAL LIMITED TIME ONLY, it’s yours today for just $97!**

“I lost 12-1/2 pounds in 10 days!”

“I’ve suffered from Chronic Functioning Abdominal Pain for the past year, have digestive challenges on top of that, and am addicted to sugar.

After just 10 days on Angela’s program, I lost 12-1/2 pounds, my sugar cravings have subsided, and I have so much nergy I hop out of bed in the morning! Plus, my friends have noticed how much more lively and sociable I am!

After years of doctor’s visits that left me confused and without answers, in just 2 weeks I was able to make dramatic hanges in my overall health and wellbeing.

At first I wasn’t sure what to expect but working with Angela made the whole process simple and easy.

I would recommend this program to anyone looking to make a big impact on their health in a short amount of time.”

Fayelou McDonald
Brooklyn, OH

Wait, I’m not done!
I’m offering a rock solid, all-clad, no runaround Shake Sugar Foolproof Guarantee to “sweeten” the deal!

I’m confident that when you join my Crack the Code on Sugar Cravings 4 Teleseminar Series you are going to love it. I teach from a fun, lighthearted place and make things interactive and enlivening. If you do the footwork and stay committed, you will see results, but just to back that up, I’ll give you a full 60 days to sit with it and decide if it’s really right for you. If you determine that Crack the Code on Sugar Cravings: 4 Simple Steps to Slim Down, Shape Up and Regain Control is not the best program you’ve ever bought to solve the riddle on sugar cravings, just call me at (440) 734-8940 within 60 days of purchase and give me your feedback – and you’ll get a full refund!

“My Sugar Cravings Are Gone For Good!”

“I had come to the end of my rope when it came to my health. I felt tired and cranky all the time. I also really craved sweets to make me feel better both emotionally and physically. Working with Angela has turned everything around for me.

She helped me understand where the sugar cravings come from and how to stop them for good. Now, I understand the difference between having a bit of sugar from time to time to satisfy my taste buds and physically craving sugar in large amounts.

Angela has an amazing, caring personality and is committed to my success and well-being. Her program has helped my transform my eating habits by educating me on how to read labels and truly understand what I am putting into my body and why. She has also taught me that I can heal my body naturally without strong medications. I am very thankful to Angela and think that she is a force for positive change in women’s lives.”

Vrunda Stampwala
Riverside, CA

Ready to get started or still got questions?

I want you to feel like this is the best decision you’ve ever made, so I’ve included some questions below that I get all the time about my work, and included my answers as well.

  1. I’ve tried everything on the market, from supplements to fasts to fad diets. Is that what this is all about? I hear ya! Been there, done that myself. But here’s the deal. Fad diets don’t work because they only focus on one thing – the food on your plate. They do nothing to address the bigger picture of what makes someone healthy, happy and whole.What makes my approach unique is that I work with clients on adding in rather than taking away.My clients learn to deconstruct their cravings so that they understand exactly what their body’s need and by integrating more healthy choices, the less healthy habits naturally go away.
  2. Can anyone do this program or do you have to be some kind of genius?Look Einstein, it’s not as hard as it seems! It’s a myth that you can’t eradicate sugar from your diet and still enjoy food. I used to think that myself, but now I know it’s just not true. Here’s the catch though. You can have your cake and eat it too! Having control of sugar cravings doesn’t mean not having sweets. You’ll discover natural alternatives that will make you question why you even bothered with sugar in the first place.
  3. Is it really possible to kick sugar cravings in just 4 weeks? YES, IT IS! I’vedone it myself and you can too. Listen, I know you want results, and you’re sick of the BS out there. Well I’m prepared to give ‘em to ya! If you’re like me, you’ve spent years on and off sugar, beating yourself up over the fact that you can’t seem to stop and embarrassed about inane behaviors and feelings of inferiority over it all. It’s maddening! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Once you have an understanding of why you crave sugar and know just what you can do to fix it, it becomes easy as pie
  4. What if it doesn’t work for me? No sweat! Just check out my Shake Sugar Foolproof Guarantee above! If you don’t find this program is what you wanted or the right fit for you, just e mail me at [email protected] and let me know within 60 days of purchase – and I’ll gladly refund your money, no questions asked! What have you got to lose (other than sugar cravings ;)?

Join Crack the Code on Sugar Cravings: 4 Simple Strategies to Slim Down, Shape Up and Regain Control in Less Than 30 Days! today and start transforming your life NOW!

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Yes Angela, I’m ready to break free and bust through sugar cravings for good!

Please enroll me ASAP so that I can access all 4 Downloadable Audio Recordings plus all the bonuses in just minutes to kick sugar cravings, rev up my energy and blast cravings to smithereens!

I understand my investment includes:

Your complete system for Cracking the Code on Sugar Cravings, which includes 4 recorded tele-trainings including 1 Bonus Spotlight Coaching Call, “How to Stay on the Wagon and Not Fall Off!” plus 1 more Bonus Call, “Help! I Might Fall Off The Wagon! What Do I Do?” That’s a total of 6 training calls all together – woot woot!
Tons of handouts, resources, and other related materials that will help ensure my success and give me the most bang for my buck!
My personal Shake Sugar Foolproof Guarantee!

As FREE Downloadable BONUSES, I also understand that I will receive:

Bonus Coaching Call, “How To Stay On the Wagon and Not Fall Off”
Raw Chocolate Recipe Book and Resource Guide
2nd Bonus Coaching Call “Help! I Might Fall Off The Wagon! What Do I Do?”

(The bonuses alone are worth over 3 times the total investment for the program!)

And I know my investment is protected 100% by your Shake Sugar Foolproof Guarantee!

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Crack the Code on Sugar Cravings
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Eating sugar is like waking a sleeping giant, as if you’ve awoken a beast within that seems unstoppable. But I’m here to say that it can be stopped – quickly, easily, and in as little as 30 days.

I can’t wait to welcome you to this program. Get ready for a whole new state of mind.

~ Angela

Angela Minelli, Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach

PS: Still not sure this program is right for you? Just remember it’s backed by my Shake Sugar Foolproof Guarantee! I strongly encourage you to sign up now and give it a whirl. I mean, if you read this far, I KNOW you want it! But, if you decide it’s not right for you, simply let me know within 60 days of purchase and I’ll promptly refund you right out of my own pocket. So see? You have nothing to lose by stepping up for yourself and saying enough is enough! I give you the keys to the kingdom to a sugar-free life.

See you on the other side!

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