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Do you suffer from uncontrollable urges to eat sugary foods, despite your best intentions?
Is sugar a regular part of your daily diet instead of a once in a while indulgence?
Are you often lethargic and moody?
Is your skin dull and acne prone?
Do you feel anxious and cranky and have difficulty concentrating?
Does the thought of not eating sugar make you weak in the knees?

If you answered yes to any of these, I can relate. 

What is worse is the thought of completely giving up sugar, which makes you want to lock yourself away with closets full of M&M’s and Snickers Bars, right? 

Well, do not despair because the truth is...

It is entirely possible to kick sugar in a fun, easy, and sustainable way!

My name is Angela Minelli, and I am a board certified Holistic Health Coach. 

Sugar has gotten the best of me many times over.   It is indeed a true addiction and this tempestuous little devil wreaked havoc in my life every which way – emotionally, physically, and financially.

I suffered from low energy and severe, cystic acne.   I was often moody, anxious and depressed, much to the dismay of those who love me. 

And on top of all that, I found it difficult to stay focused and centered, which hindered my ability to move forward into a satisfying career. 

Yet on the flip side, the thought of giving sugar up would make me want to run and hide, so what to do?

Thankfully the answers came, and I created this free audio to show people how to stop sugar cravings with the same techniques that I use.  It is my way of helping others overcome their inability to gain control of their sugar cravings.

Sugar is the culprit of so many underlying feelings and behaviors, and you can stomp out sugar cravings once and for all without restriction or denial.

You do not have to white knuckle it alone anymore.  Request my free gift today to learn how to stop sugar cravings for good. 

Your body will thank you.


Before working with Angela, I was uncertain as to how to take to care of myself and which foods worked best for my unique body. Angela used that as a stepping stone to catapult me to the next level of overall nutrition and health. I enjoyed working with her because she really helped me see how everything I eat is connected to who I am and how I feel.

I easily lost 15 pounds, have a clearer understanding of how to shop for food and what to buy, and feel more relaxed and calmer around food. I am much more balanced and in a place with food now that is really enjoyable. I have rid myself of the inner critic of what I say when I eat.

Moreover, I was delighted at the fact that my entire family benefited from what I learned! I loved this program and would recommend it to anyone looking to make simple lifestyle adjustments that have a big impact.

Leslie Kubancik
North Olmsted, OH

The year 2009 would bring my 67th birthday in late September.  Needless to say I was aware of my need to take good care of myself if I wanted these years to be golden!

One area of my health I had neglected to address was my cravings for sweets.  Seeing Angela's website, I knew I wanted to take advantage of her knowledge and skill to really learn about what I was eating and how it was effecting me! 

Since working with Angela, new habits have become routine.  I've increased my intake of greens, I drink more water and have tried foods that are new to me.  I have better control over my cravings and smaller portions satisfy me.  I feel good about what I eat and feel no guilt.  

It has been really nice working with Angela; she teaches in a clear and easy to understand manner and I enjoy her personality and dedication to sharing her knowledge in this journey to healthy eating.

Margaret Hvizda
Rocky River, OH

I was at a point where I realized that the older I got, it was imperative that I make some big changes with my health but I didn’t know where to start.  My corporate job doesn’t allow too much time for me to focus on myself and I knew that in order to make it happen, I needed help to jumpstart weight loss and find ways to reduce stress.

That was when I found Angela.  We started working together and I found her program made sense in an easy-to-follow format that really worked when I applied the steps. 

I not only ended up cutting out sugar, but now I’m back into weight lifting 5 days a week and I lost almost 20 pounds!  At the age of 48, I never thought it would be this easy to lose weight, cut sugar and get back into shape.  Angela has had a major impact on my health and my family’s.  Thanks Angela!

John Swancer
Alfa Insurance Company